I should begin with a big and sincere apology for the 3-year-delay in constructing this school memories website. However, my passion in realizing this dream has never been diminished by the horrible work load in these last few years. Having stayed with SGSS for 32 years first as a history teacher and later as an assistant principal, I feel obliged and proud to initiate and drive this project.

Fifty years is short in the history of mankind but long enough for celebrations and reminiscences in the history of a school. I hope that the Memories Programme can help rekindle fond memories of the alma mater in our graduates and provide for those in school some vistas of the past.

I must extend my gratitude to the organizing and sponsoring bodies, in particular to the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong, which has been guiding and supporting us all through. I heartily thank NG Ting-chun, Marco, who accepted my assignment as programme leader without any hesitation. He gave the programme a wonderful start and worked extremely hard and patiently with me. I very sincerely thank TONG Yung-chu, Sapphire for taking painstaking efforts in helping and in pushing us forward through all these years.

I am very grateful to FOK Oi-ming, Charity, the leading alumna trainer who provided initial training to participating students on interview and report writing skills. Together with her were CHU Ka-chun, YU Yeuk-lui, Queenie NG and Calvin NGAI who trained participants about research and presentation skills. I thank LAW Chi-hang, Dennis and CHONG Wai-lun, William for facilitating the technical work of the programme; and also MAK Tsin-yung, Jimmy for the very artistic design he created for the website. Without the support of these enthusiastic alumni, the road would have been an even more winding one.

I am grateful and indebted to the SGSS Alumni Association for enabling us to access to their valuable records about SGSS and previous interview reports. I thank my many colleagues and students who so gladly accepted my invitation to serve as interviewees, interviewers and who wrote the interview articles. I am sure you all had a great time meeting your beloved teachers and students and recalling the good old days in SGSS.

Heartfelt thanks are also extended to alumni who generously donated their nostalgic belongings related to their school life to facilitate the School Artefact Collection Competition. I sincerely thank the language teacher colleagues, in particular Mr. LAU Chak-leung, my student and ex-colleague who helped to polish and proofread the many interview articles.

I am sure the participating S4-6 students in 2010-2011 gained so much from the excellent learning opportunities – the training sessions, the research and artefact collection process, the 50th Anniversary Open Day display of programme products, the interviews and the report-writing parts. They will certainly find the skills acquired extremely useful in their later studies and work.

This is not the end of the programme, but its beginning. Due to limited capacity provided, we could only create a frame and showcase to upload digitalized historical materials of the school. Based on this foundation, we hope that more materials can be archived and presented to all.

Finally I would like to make a grand and earnest salute to the school, teachers and students to whom I pass the baton. Their efforts will see our heritage carefully recorded, as they look after a glorious growing repository for SGSS!

Esther LAW
Teacher 1980-2000
Assistant Principal & teacher 2001-2013