Being a history learner, I feel honoured to be able to take part in creating a history archive for my alma mater when I was invited by Mrs. Esther LAW to serve as the programme leader of this School Memories Programme.

The Programme has been on-going for more than three years. We aimed at creating a brief digital archive as a tribute in the commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of the school, having students engaged in the process of preserving school heritage by providing them with trainings on research and communication skills, and strengthening the link between our alumni, former and existing staff and students. I believe we have, to a large extent, accomplished these objectives!

We need to apologize for having a horrible delay as we faced a lot of limitations. However, I am very sure that those who love our alma mater will understand and have no doubt in supporting us in completing this very meaningful venture.

The process and effort we made will now be a part of the history of SGSS and I am very proud to be a gear in the process. I do sincerely hope that through this Programme, SGSS students of many generations and alumni will be well-informed and more interested in investigating and understanding what their alma mater has experienced.

Final thanks must go to our honorable advisor, Mrs. Esther LAW, previous Vice-Principal of SGSS and my history teacher. Without her perseverance and commitment, the SGSS Memories Programme would not have been realized.

Please enjoy this gift to SGSS.

Marco Ng (2009 S7 graduate)
Programme Leader