PV Panels and Wind Turbine

Renewable Energy Project: 再生能源計劃

Photovoltaic Project by the Government for the installation at SGSS of

(1) Photovoltaic System

(2) Micro-Wind Turbine

Renewable Energy Project 再生能源計劃

A project launched and funded by the Energy Efficiency Office (EEO 能源效益事務處) of EMSD aiming to save energy through the installation of photovoltaic panel (commonly known as solar panel 光伏能板).

36 photovoltaic panels (PV panels / solar panels) were installed on the south-wing rooftop in 2010
光伏能板 (太陽能發電板)

Record at EMSD on Shau Kei Wan Govt. Sec. School :“3.3kW grid-connected amorphous silicon thin film PV system installed on the roof of school building in 2010”


Record at EMSD on Shau Kei Wan Govt. Sec. School: “100 W micro wind turbine system on the roof of school building”


The letters “SGSS” in blue can be seen from Chai Wan Road.

1 micro-wind turbine on the north-wing rooftop