Origin & Aims

School Memories Project

Origin: The School Memories Project is a website programme initiated by the HK Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Univeristy of Hong Kong which aims at encouraging local schools and communities to collect, organise and present historical materials and people’s memories related to school, and present them on the internet. The Project is an extension of the Hong Kong Memory Project jointly organised by the HK Jockey Club and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the HKSAR Government in response to UNESCO’ s Memory of the World Project. It aims to preserve historical records through digitisation, building a digital repository for the collection, conservation, preservation and presentation of Hong Kong’s historical and cultural heritage.

The aims of SGSS in joining the Project are to:

  1. create a digital archive for SGSS as a tribute to celebrate our Golden Jubilee
  2. promote understanding, respect and love of our alma mater
  3. engage students in preserving their cultural heritage and develop their generic skills
  4. enhance a stronger link between alumni, former and existing staff and students through a concerted effort to construct the history of the school